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Xtreme Algo, widely recognised for industry innovation, delivers ultra-low latency execution, high capacity and robust, consistent exchange performance. Built around exceptional technology and cutting-edge research. Xtreme Algo brings intelligent, driven, and curious minds from the trading industry together to collaborate and solve quantitative finance and technical problems.

Ultra-low latency execution

Ultra-low latency order execution on 20ms*

Institutional grade trading

Enhanced with worlds best trading platform MT4 | MT5 & Trading view

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Index, Stocks, Futures, Options, MCX, Forex

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Tournkey Solutions for API Bridges. Automate your strategies with Algo Trading Platform. Xtreme Algo Trading Platform, delivers ultra-low latency execution, high capacity and robust, consistent exchange performance.

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Trade from MT4 | MT5 & Trading view | Python

Fully Automated API trading

Order | Risk & Strategy management

Cutting edge technology

Deploy complex strategies for MQL5 & Trading view

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Deploy Complicated Strategies

Yes! we can deploy any complicated strategies. Deploy the custom strategies and automate the trading in our platform

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MT4 Signal connector and One-Click Trading

1.Select indicators
2.Select up & down buffer arrows
example: UP:1 DOWN:0
3.Entry type (Newbar or Intra bar)
4.Margin :
Equity - Set in value
Future, Options, MCX 1 for 1 lot
example: For Nifty if we set margin as 1 it takes 1 lot in Nifty
5.Bracket orders
6.Target price in points (1 Rupess = 100 points)
7.Stop loss price in points (1 Rupess = 100 points)
8.Click Buy for Manual Buy order
9.Click Sell for Manual Sell order
Finally click no.10 for algo trading

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Free Paper Trading (Virtual stock trading)

Paper trading is simulated trading that allows investors to practice buying and selling securities. Paper trading can test a new investment strategy before deploying it in a live account.

Open an account start paper trading without risk on real money

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